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About Us

Reaching back to the 18th Century and being one of the oldest methods of capturing essential oils, Enfleurage is a fragrance extraction method by which botanical matter is diffused over the course of one to three days. This process, though refined by more efficient methods, produces highly- concentrated essential oils that are commonly found in candles, personal body products including soaps and body butters as well as perfumes. 
My inspiration stems from the beauty, mystery, history, and authentic culture of Louisiana itself. I grew up experiencing the wonderful smells and tastes of Louisiana. From the fragrant goodness of the many French-style bakeries of the city, to the essence of jasmine wafting through the air in the countryside. Lastly, but dearest to my heart, I recall the aromas of love coming out of my grandmothers kitchen during family gatherings during holidays..  At the heart of Lei'Enfleurage is our signature and distinct smell of the Magnolia, which is the Louisiana state flower. All Lei'Enfleurage signature scents are hand-produced and carefully tested. Moreover, all of our Home and Body products are crafted to capture the unique quality and southern charm of Louisiana's bayous, landmarks, cuisine and, of course,  its unforgettable Creole culture. By selectively curating each scent and blending it with unique compliments to compose a symphonic bouquet that is reminiscent of my upbringing from colorful city, country bayous, and French Creole cuisines, I have captured those memories and bottled them into products for your body and home alike.
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